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The TUG scientific community has porous borders within the more general field of Theoretical Physics (mostly) in France. It comprises researchers working in cosmology (primordial universe or large-scale structures), in gravitation (classical strong or weak-field regime, beyond General Relativity, quantum gravity, etc.), in particle astrophysics or particle cosmology, or in mathematical physics and field theory. This covers a very broad panel of topics, e.g.: inflation, topological defects and phase transitions, dark energy and dark matter, cosmological perturbations, modified gravity, etc. As broad as the associated physical objects or observables of interest: black holes, cosmological probes (cosmic-microwave background, galaxy or supernova survey, weak or strong lensing, etc.), gravitational waves, multimessenger astronomy, or even laboratory experiments.

Theoretical developments in these fields contribute a hectic effort in order to answer crucial fundamental questions in physical sciences, notably on the very notion of Big Bang, the origin of our universe, of its elementary constituents and fundamental interactions. However, so far, a common place to discuss all of these topics altogether has remained elusive, probably due to the diversity of theoretical approaches, associated with different scientific communities, to tackle these difficult questions. This website is meant to be a virtual common place where to centralize relevant pieces of information related to these topics, and where interdisciplinary theoretical meetings can be announced.

This interdisciplinary initiative has been launched spontaneously in 2021 independently by a small group of theoretical physicists working in different areas and belonging to different institutes to promote and organize exchanges among the diverse scientific groups involved in these research fields. This website is the electronic incarnation of this initiative.